1. Where were the plants sent from?
Bogor, West Java - Indonesia

2. How many days packages will be sent from payment?
In Indonesia, documents must be met. Namely export permits and phytosanitary.
It takes around 1-3 weeks

3. Is there a guarantee of damage?
There is a maximum of 70% if the entire plant is damaged
With shipping conditions and other costs borne by the buyer

4. What about the checking fees in the destination country?
The consumer is responsible for it

5. Can it be refunded?
It can't be, because most of the crops we sell are supplied by farmers

6. What vendors are used for shipping?
We currently use two vendors namely DHL and EMS. For shipping to America and Europe we use DHL because it is faster than EMS
for shipping in Asia we use EMS because it is safer and cheaper

7. Can it be sent to all countries?
Yes, as long as the destination country receives and the consumer has an import permit (each country is different)

8. How long will my package be sent?
There are several steps to prepare for the shipment

The first step
Submit an export permit as a condition for making a phytosanitary certificate

Second step
Laboratory tests to check which plants are sent are really healthy

Third step
Making phytosanitary certificates and re-checking by the plant quarantine agency, the ministry of agriculture

Fourth step
Shipping to DHL

9. Do I have to have an import permit?
Some countries require buyers to have import permits. but there are also those that do not require the importer to have an import permit.
Please ask the customs or the local agriculture ministry about this.
For USA, import permit is needed if you want to import more than 12 pcs. Britain does not need an import permit.

9. What is the maximum amount that I can buy in one shipment?
Depending on the regulations of the destination country and of course it depends on our stock. Usually around 12 plants.

10. Where can I get a tracking number from my order?ent?
For the tracking number from DHL will be sent via buyer's email while for the EMS tracking number we will update it on the website